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develops and distributes under the brand name TRACKER.COM worldwide functioning, innovative positioning solutions in the Internet of Things. The GPS, mobile networks and LoRa based solutions are suitable for numerous applications in transport and logistics, the protection of persons, valuables and mobile objects.

The solutions of transmit real-time positions, traveled routes and data of vehicles, refrigerating systems and other components. They ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people and monitore objects and valuables. The applications meet the most modern requirements, are intuitive and easy to use and are constantly being developed.

The data is accessed through the online dashboard, as well as the free app for iPhone and Android.

The company AG was founded in May 2010 and now employs about 15 employees worldwide. AG
Webereistrasse 47
CH-8134 Adliswil  

T: 043 543 43 00
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