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DPD (Switzerland) AG

«Thanks to the many evaluation
options we're able to make
targeted optimisation measures»


Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

«Our special requirements
were well received and
successfully implemented»

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Ing. Büro M. Kyburz AG

«We can always see technical state
and location. This allows very
efficient planning and operation»


Kirchfeld - Care Home, Horw

«We let them go, our patients with dementia
who have that need for movement. Because
now we can locate and help them anytime»

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Backery Nussbaumer, Cham

«The system is
amortisized whithin one year
only by optimizing the routes»

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Fleetmanagement Transmitting and evaluating CAN bus data   20120917_Case_Study_Kyburz_D (212 KB)Ing. Büro M. Kyburz AG, Freienstein
Logistics Logging the loading and unloading times case_study_coca-cola_chde (96 KB)Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland      (German only)
Scheduling and planning of routes Dispatching of cargo pickups and deliveries  case_study_dpd_chde (65 KB)DPD (Switzerland) AG, Buchs
  Optimizing routes for delivery and pickup in a SME panissimo_12-30_Tracker (284 KB)Backekry Nussbaumer, Cham    (German only)
  Ressource planning of special vehicles in the construction industry Hastag St. Gallen AG (83 KB)HASTAG St. Gallen BAU AG, St. Gallen
Care Homes Taking care of people with dementia case_study_kirchfeld_haus_fuer_betreuung_D (79 KB)Kirchfeld - Care Home, Horw    (German only)