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Truck with tracker cold chain solution

Cold chain - data transmission

Continuous monitoring and reporting of cooling temperatures in the cooling departments. Mit der The cold chain solution is a flexible and intelligent solution for cold chain transports.

Intelligent and flexible soluiton for the continous monitoring and registering of the temperatures for cold chain transports

  • The flexible and intelligent cold chain solution for monitoring, registering and evaluation of the actual temperature and of the temperature profile in refrigerated transports.
  • No matter which cooling system used, the cooling data is recorded and transmitted in real time and stored for analysis.
  • With this complete solution of the aquisition of costly dataloggers of the different manufactures are no longer necessary.
  • However, if there are already systems like Datacold 500, Transcan or Euroscan in use, they can be connected directly.
  • Simultaneously with the temperatures measured the positions and routes travelled are registered and transmitted in real time.


Your benefits

  • Flexible solution - compatible with any cooling equipment of any brand.
  • Easy proof of the temperature curve including time and position data, even up to 24 months back.
  • Temperatures can be vieved online at anytime
  • Automatic transmission of the temperature-report at delivery via e-mail and smartphone app
  • Recording positions and routes in real time
  • Logging of the loading and unloading time
  • No manual exporting of the data anymore

Example for calucaltion

The following cost can be calculated per vehicle.

One-time costs:

[unknown product title]
[unknown product title]
[unknown product title]*
temperature sensor kit, 8m
  CHF 63.80
Installation of the equipment in the vehicle, from
CHF 290.00
* omitted when Datalogger (Datacold500, Euroscan, Transcan) in use

Recurring costs:

Subscription Fleet Tracker
  CHF 21.50
Subscription data transmission "Kühldaten"
  CHF 10.80
All prices are in CHF including VAT at 8.1%

Case study

This solution is successfully implementet.

Cold chain - data transmission in real time

Extraxting temperatures of the various colling compartments in real time.



The Factsheet of the Cold Chain Solution (German only).


Solution conzept

The implementation of the solution with the smart meter 4 or with already installed data logger (DataCOLD 500, Transcan or Euro Scan)


Technical data

Nomber of sensors 4
Sensors supported Euroscan
Genauigkeit: +/- 0,2°C im Bereich von -35°C bis +35°C
Suitability Suited for transport under EN12830
Temp. range measured Class 1: -30°C - +30°C (+/- 0,5°C)
Operating temperautred

Operating: -30°C - +65°C


1 serial interface with Carrier 3rd-party protocol
1 serial interface for configuration and extracting temp. data

Clock Deviation ca. 15 minutes per year
ISL12008 / Quarz MC-306
Data recording SD-card
Capacity about 2 years with a recording interval of 5 minutes 
Data is encrypted to protect against change

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