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Fleet Tracker Standard GV350M (4G)

The Fleet Tracker is installed permanently and ideal for monitoring single vehicles up to entire fleets. The device can also be powered by the cigarette lighter or the OBD connection.

«Thanks to the many evaluation options we're able to make targeted optimisation measures»

  • Localise single vehicles or objects as well as entire fleets
  • Positions, altitude and speed submitted within seconds
  • Can be installed permanently or flexible
  • Power connection direct, on the cigarette lighter or OBD-plug
  • Including SIM card and data and online logbook and other reports for analysis

  • The Fleet Tracker Standard is designed to record positions and routs taken by vehicles or other mobile objects.
  • The device can be permanently installes or powered by the cigarette lighter and/or OBD plug.
  • For optimal reception and accuracy of positions the Fleet Tracker Standard is equipped with an external antenna and a battery to save data when engine is stipped and power supply interrupted.
  • Positions and routes of an entire fleet and each single vehicle are displayed on the Tracker Dashboard.
  • The Fleet Tracker Standard can be connected to external devices via analog and digital interfaces.


This provides our online dashboard

  • Personal master account for user and device management
  • Online map with display of routes and actual positions
  • Online logbook and reporting
  • Reporting of events (time, distance, direction, ignition etc.
  • Geofencing and POI (points of interest)
  • SMS and calling credit rechargeable by credit card or prepaid invoice


  • With the geofencing feature you can define on
    a map a geographical area (eg. a parking garage or
    the unloading ramp of your customers). So you have
    your vehicle always under control and can, for example
    inform your customers 5 minutes in advance to
    unload the delivery optimal.


Fleet Tracker Standard GV350M CHF 269.15
Setup and activation, Fleet Tracker CHF 52.95
Subscription Fleet Tracker CHF 21.50 
Use abroad (additional monthly costs)
Roaming Zone A
CHF 10.80  
Roaming Zone B
CHF 16.20  
Roaming Zone C
CHF 32.45  
All prices are in CHF including VAT at 8.1%


SIM-card included
4G module integrated
Geofencing and event handling
Online loggbook included
Logging routes taken
GPS precision < 10 meters
Alerting via SMS or e-mail via geofencing
Last location in realtime
Multiple interfaces (Analogue, digital, 1-wire, RS232, USB)

Tecnical data

Tecnical Data GV350M (4G)
Mobile Network / Operating Band LTE eMTC/NB-IoT/EGPRS
LTE B3/B8/B20
EGPRS 900/1800 MHz  
GPS sensibility  Autonomous: -147 dBm Hot start: -156 dBm Reacquisition: -160 dBm Tracking: -162 dBm
TTFF (time to first fix) in seconds

cold: <27 sec.
warm: ~27sec.
hot: 1 Sek.

Status display LED
Weight in gram 72 g
size in mm 80 x 49 x 26
Power supply

External 8 V - 32 V
Li-Polymer 250 mAh

Battery capacity Internal battery for bridging, if no power from the vehicle arrives and the unit will enter the power saving mode. Several weeks in power save mode with our standard configuration.
Operating temperature -30 ° to +70 °C
Mounting options

Cable strap or velcro fastener

GPS precision < 10 m
A GPS A-GPS online/offline support
Communication to the Internetserver via TCP/IP (GPRS based)

internal memory up to 1000 messages

Antenna internal UMTS/HSDPA und GSM
Motion sensor 3-axis motion sensor
Approvals CE, e1 & FCC certification
Origin Made in China

2x digital inputs
1x analog input
1x digital output 
Serial Port RS232

Case studies

Fleetmanagement Transmitting and evaluating CAN bus data   20120917_Case_Study_Kyburz_D (212 KB)Ing. Büro M. Kyburz AG, Freienstein
Logistics Logging the loading and unloading times case_study_coca-cola_chde (96 KB)Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland      (German only)
Scheduling and planning of routes Dispatching of cargo pickups and deliveries  case_study_dpd_chde (65 KB)DPD (Switzerland) AG, Buchs
  Optimizing routes for delivery and pickup in a SME panissimo_12-30_Tracker (284 KB)Backekry Nussbaumer, Cham    (German only)
  Ressource planning of special vehicles in the construction industry Hastag St. Gallen AG (83 KB)HASTAG St. Gallen BAU AG, St. Gallen